Laptop Repair- 


Laptop Repair service in all over Pune and PCMC
Our Laptop repair engineers will visit your place to repair the issue of your Laptop and repair the issue in front of you.

Dell-Laptop Repair Service in Pune.
Lenovo-Laptop Repair Service in Pune.
HP-Laptop Repair Service in Pune.
ASUS-Laptop Repair Service in Pune.
Micromax-Laptop Repair Service in Pune.
Apple-MacBook Repair Service in Pune.
Acer-Laptop Repair Service in Pune.
Apart from mentioned brands, we do provide laptop repair services for ULTRA-BOOK and battery replacement of all brands of Laptop in all localities of Pune.

Computer Repair-

Computer Repair Service Provider
Tired of looking out for Computer repair service providers? Though Computer s and laptops are no less than a boon, they can freak you out when they stop working. If you feel “All my work has come to a complete standstill. Where can I find experts in Computer repair service near me?” So, what do you do to answer your query of “Computer repair near me”?
Computer Repair service in all over Pune with pick-up and Drop.
Our engineers will visit your place to repair the issue of your Computer and repair in front of you. If the problem is major, we offer free Pick & Drop for resolving the issue.

AMC Solutions-

To ensure high uptime and productivity for your IT systems, we offer Annual Maintenance Contracts.
We maintain these contracts with corporates as well as small and medium businesses and this experience allows us to offer superior quality service along with the latest technology.
Our team comprises of highly skilled engineers who can resolve all computer challenges round the year to ensure your business can run smoothly.

Facility Management-

Through our enhanced services and superlative customer experience, we ensure that your resources are always in running condition and do not hinder your day-to-day operations. Our offerings enable organizations to wholly outsource their management needs of various IT facilities.

Server Management-

Our competent team of engineers and system administrators can maintain your in-house servers in an efficient manner. With a 100% uptime, you can be assured that your business performance does not dip due to technical glitches.


By creating and maintaining a scalable and flexible network infrastructure, we can provide strategic solutions in a technology-driven environment. We can assess, plan, design and implement streamlined and cost-effective network solutions.

As soon as reached my hotel room in Pune, India and opened my laptop for reporting, I found the screen was broken. I asked a hotel staff for help. He immediately called Init Infotech. They understood the problem details on the phone itself and their techie visited within an hour with a replacement screen. He fixed a new screen within no time and I managed to report my HO on time. Thanks for a great help.
- Bridget Camillery