Networking Products

Networking enables sharing of resources like Internet connection, Printer, Files and databases, among all the computers and devices within the network.

Networking is an essential part, where two or more computers, laptops smart mobile phones or tablets are used under one roof. Nowadays, there is at least a desktop, a laptop and a Wi-Fi enabled phone even at home. Which requires a Wi-Fi Router to share the same Internet Connection among all the devices.

Init Infotech provides and supports various networking components, like:
Wi-Fi Routers and Wi-Fi Range Extenders of All brands and technology.

Networking Switches from 5 Ports to 48 Ports.

Hardware Firewalls.

Various types of racks and patch panels for Switches and Servers.

All types of CAT-5e and CAT-6e Cables.

RJ-45 Connectors and I/O Kits.