Laptop Repair

Init Infotech offers services for laptop repair for all brands, makes & models on all operating system (Windows, Linux, and Mac etc.)


Imagine you cannot access your important documents or your emails, or you’ve lost an important photograph album etc, it’s surely not going to be a pleasant encounter. Repeated Laptop problems are faced by us and for this, we must consult to some experienced technicians.
Init Infotech engineers have expertise to solve problems usually faced by laptop users like:

Technical Support

LCD Screen Keyboard Replacement

Laptop not turning on issues

Hard Disk Repair / Replacement

Software Corruption and Failure

Memory / Graphic Card Replacement

Laptop up-gradation

Inverter Replacement

Surface/Media damage on hard disk

Broken Hinges

System shutting down constantly

Laptop overheating

Laptop running slow

Installation and set up Software, application installations

DC power jack repair

Strange grinding like noise

Blue screen of death


Above mentioned problems are frequent and need immediate consultation. All these issues will force you to search for Init Infotech, or some technical genius to help you in repairing your damaged, corrupt, formatted or repair-seeking laptop. For several other data loss disasters and mishaps taking place, users find themselves stuck in panic situations. We offer qualitative troubleshooting, up-gradation and repair services that can help users to keep their laptops in good working condition. Lost data can be difficult to recover but our dexterous recovery engineers make it easy as well as fast. Laptop Repair is made easy by our experienced and diligent team of laptop repair technicians from Init Infotech. Laptop repair services developed by Init Infotech, provide a fully automated way to recover deleted files and data from damaged laptops. Years of research and development at our laptop repair center ascertained that we employ highest technologies to ensure reliable laptop repairing.
Make sure you follow the steps mentioned further while you come to know that your laptop is falling. Turn off your laptop instantaneously as any further operation may ruin the system beyond repair and don’t restart the laptop. Do not shake, remove, disassemble or clean a suspected damaged hard drive, careful handling is must and therefore any improper handling may cause more damage. Drying a wet laptop will be of no use, so avoid doing so. Also, never operate a visibly damaged device.